Bill and Teresa's American adventure

This week in a look ahead to the coming St Patrick's day festival I wanted to share this piece which celebrates the hard work and personal integrity of one of our own. I've spoken about emigration to America before from the village. Todays piece featuring Bill Lannen Doherty and his wife Teresa gives an insight into the benefits of emigration.  This this year Bill will be honoured in his local St Patrick's Day Parade (Glen Cove) where he helped found the first parade 30 years ago and this year he has been chosen as Grand Marshal.
William (Bill) Doherty was born May 1, 1950 in the Russianside, Cheekpoint, Co. Waterford to Andrew, fisherman/seaman and Nancy Doherty. He was raised in a small cottage with his 4 older sisters Elizabeth, Agnes, Brigid, and Ann. As a youngster he did what all the young men did, worked the local rivers fishing in the salmon and herring boats that plied their fishing trade in all the small fishing villages on the estuary. Bill at the tender age of 1…

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