Remembering Louis C Lee

While collecting my daughter from a bus recently I happened across a limestone slab set into the pavement behind the Waterford bus station. It was battered, damaged and out of place, but the inscription was legible.  It reads In Memory of Louis C Lee of Aberdeen.  Found drowned here Feb 3rd 18.  But who was Louis, when exactly did he die and why was a memorial stone set into the footpath for him?
Louis Cove Lee was born on the  August 18th 1876 and was 20 years old when he drowned on Waterford's quays on the night of Feb 3rd 1897.  His parents were James and Jane Lee and according to the census of 1891 he had three sisters and two brothers. He was a trainee officer aboard the iron hulled sailing ship the Queen Elizabethof Glasgow.  
The ship had sailed from Middlesboro in August of 1895 for Hong Kong and hence to Shanghai and San Fransisco under her master, Captain Charles Edward Fulton. The trip from America had taken 170 days via Cape Horn and she had entered Waterford the prev…

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